chicken liver and pork pâté with toasted baguette, charred peanuts and pickled watermelon- coriander relish 10,000
gỏi gà shredded chicken salad with kaffir lime, sawtooth and prik nam pla 9,000
chả gio (v) crispy fried spring rolls with fresh herbs, rice noodles and pineapple nước chấm 10,000
green papaya laphet thoke (v) som tam, fermented tea leaf, avocado crema and crispy garnishes 7,000
tomato and watermelon caprese (v) coconut milk ricotta, nam pla-honey vinaigrette and herbs 7,000
pork neck and lemongrass salad coconut and nam pla citronette, kaffir lime and mint 9,000
“bánh xéo” tacos (2) with minced pork, prawns, bean sprouts and sriracha 12,000


root vegetable rendang (v) assorted root vegetables braised in pamasak spices and coconut milk 12,000
khanom chin fresh rice noodles and spicy coconut fish curry with fresh and pickled vegetables 12,000
grilled striploin steak with smoked chili sea salt and Rau Răm tiger salad 24,000
burmese fish curry seabass, tamarind lime curry sauce and lemongrass 12,000
thai spice roasted duck breast red coconut curry rice noodles, baby eggplants and kaffir lime leaves 16,000
grilled prawn jumbo river prawns,crab stuffing and sriracha butter 24,000
the bún chả feast (serves 2-4) crispy spring rolls, lemongrass pork meatballs, Rau Răm porchetta with fresh rice noodles, lettuces, fresh herbs and warm nước chấm broth 28,000


stir fried morning glory with garlic 4,000
Rau Răm butter garlic bread 4,000
chicken fat rice with mushrooms 4,000
steamed rice 1,000
fresh rice noodles 1,000
stir fried bean sprouts 4,000


almond panna cotta
with lychee and jasmine
vietnamese coffee ice cream 7,500
coconut sundae
fried banana and rum pineapple


local water 1,000
perrier sparkling 7,500
fresh coconut 2,000
salted lemonade soda 3,500


phở real vodka, pho spiced syrup, fresh coriander, fresh chili 6,000
piña colada light rum, pineapple, home made coconut syrup 6,000
tuk tuk kaffir lime infused vodka, orange, lime, lemongrass-ginger syrup 6,000
jungle bird light rum, campari, pineapple, lime 6,000
calamansi cooler rum, calamansi, mint, soda 7,000
passion fruit mojito rum, passion fruit, mint, soda 7,000
raspberry smash vodka, raspberry, mint, soda 7,000
java good night spiced rum, cold coffee, condensed milk, mint 5,000


house wine gL carafe btl
white wine 5000 15.000 -
red wine 5000 15.000 -
rose wine 6000 - 30.000
sparkling wine 7000 - 35.000

white wine gL-5000 carafe-15.000
red wine gL-5000 carafe-15.000
rose wine gL-6000 btl-30.000
sparkling wine gL-7000 btl-35.000


draught 4,000


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Gluten Free
Many of our dishes are gluten free. Enjoy!

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No charges apply for bringing your own cake. Please bear in mind we have limited storage for cakes in our kitchen.

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